Blog 7 | Linn | The project

If there is not enough ownership and urgency for participants to participate, developing a living system becomes hard. Participants together have to choose a structure, the foundation needs to be clear and sometimes transformation and doing a step back is necessary.

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Blog 7 | Charlotte | Reflect

After my previous blog about the life cycle, I was invited to join the corona department of the GGD for a day, which gave me many new insights. That is why I wanted to write an extra blog where I want to reflect back on certain things that were said in blog 5A and where I have now created a new opinion up on.

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Blog 6 | Emma | Exploring the field

The circular economy and ownership. Often, whilst interviewing in my project, I heard from respondents that they feel like they are a drop in the ocean when it comes to making change. Everybody that I interviewed shared the opinion that they find the circular economy important. However, when I asked them where the ownership and responsibility lies, the answer was never: ‘with myself’ [...]

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Blog 6 | Charlotte | The pressure to be perfect

So many young people are experiencing so much pressure right now, that it gives them many mental health complaints. The pressure in your head where you think everything should be perfect, that you should be perfect. The pressure becomes too much for young people, which quickly causes depression and burnouts. I still believe that social media has to do with this pressure being felt even more. Purely because it gives us a lot of information that we simply wouldn't know without the online platforms.

Blog 6 | Charlotte | The pressure to be perfect2020-08-27T17:28:28+02:00

Blog 5 | Emma | There’s no such thing as a stupid question

‘Hey Emma, what do you study again?’ ‘I am a Social Innovation student, but no it is not what you think, I am not that ‘zweverig’. This is a situation I found myself regularly in over the last three years. Walking around at school, I got sick and tired of words such as vegetarian, sustainable, biological, ecological, climate changer or vegan. [...]

Blog 5 | Emma | There’s no such thing as a stupid question2020-08-27T17:01:38+02:00

Blog 5 | Charlotte | It’s an on-going cycle

It is time to share a new insight based on a new theory: The Life cycle. A well-known cycle that we all experience in life. That is why it can also be applied to both our society, or we as a person, and to an organization such as the GGD. The cycle shows that we as humans prefer to have control over everything, that this is in our nature. But that it is more valuable to first look at your crisis and transform it, before you focus on getting your control again. Look back at your mistakes and learn from them. That too can give us peace of mind and less mental pressure. It is a theory that provides clarity about our approach, which can always be used in different situations.

Blog 5 | Charlotte | It’s an on-going cycle2020-08-27T17:27:46+02:00

Blog 4 | Emma | You don’t know what you got till it’s gone

We are in the middle of something that we have never experienced before. The corona crisis is new to all of us. This is definitely not the first crisis humanity experienced, think of the second world war in 1940 and the financial crisis in 2008. However, this is the first crisis that I am consciously experiencing. If you ask me, we do not even have to guess the ‘Dikke van Dale, woord van het jaar 2020’. [...]

Blog 4 | Emma | You don’t know what you got till it’s gone2020-08-27T17:12:11+02:00

Blog 4 | Charlotte | Maybe this world just needs a big group hug

Now that the virus has been among us for a while and we are slowly starting to accept the new lifestyle, it is interesting to look at what exactly has happened and how we as a society are tackling this. The pyramid of Maslow is used to gain insight into this big happening.

Blog 4 | Charlotte | Maybe this world just needs a big group hug2020-08-27T17:26:17+02:00

Blog 3 | Emma | Shifting perspectives

Over the last few years, I have researched identity, brands, companies and organizations and especially how they can give back to the world. Reflecting on the course of action I took up until now, I noticed my scope was simultaneously broad and specific. When I was doing research on commercial companies and how they can give back to the world, I stumbled upon social enterprises. [...]

Blog 3 | Emma | Shifting perspectives2020-08-27T17:12:37+02:00

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