Project Description


Every year, the board of Boskalis has a three days break with each other to come closer and to work on their level of knowledge. To expand their expertise, we created a design course together with Young Boskalis. Through this they had the chance to talk with the board about five different themes which represented topics of concern in their company.


With a team of twelve students and twenty-five members of Young Boskalis, we designed the course. Through creative sessions, we facilitated dialogues and conversations about these challenging themes. We were the experts on facilitation level, and Young Boskalis were the experts on the topics itself. Moreover, to prepare this morning full of new insights and experiences for the board of Boskalis, we previously organized several sessions with the members of Young Boskalis, as well.


We observed that in Boskalis the dominant communication style is hierarchically oriented. We saw the necessity of connecting these entirely two different worlds which each other — the worlds of co-creation and hierarchy. So it was all about making connections. And we, at Performatory, are all about building connections.