Project Description

The collaboration between the LSA and the Performatory resulted in the development of a community building approach. We translated this search into a conceptual model of a multiple-day intervention in a neighborhood. This model was then discussed and further improved in an expert workshop that we organized. The result of this session was building new collaborations in order to start testing and prototyping our approach in neighborhoods.

We (two students and one lecturer of the Performatory) co-designed and co-facilitated an expert workshop on behalf of the LSA. We invited different stakeholders, such as civil servants, active citizens and students, to co-create on the following topic: how can we support and stimulate the initiatives of active citizens in a neighborhood using a multiple day (possibly 3-day) intervention?

As transformative social innovators, our interests lie with community development. Our vision is to design the space for regenerative interactions between multiple stakeholders from a bottom-up perspective. This vision aligns with the values that the LSA beholds as well, and that is why our collaboration came naturally.