We are a vivid eco-system of rebels, artists, students, gamechangers, lecturers, alumni, warriors, researchers, professionals, designers and so on. And in fact, in each of us lies a bit of all of these.
As part of Breda University of applied sciences we offer a Bachelor programme. Our main topic is transformative social innovation – this is what we teach, practice and explore together. Our common values and vision create the relations on which our community is based. What we all hold dear is the idea that we are all responsible for the quality of life of all and that in order to contribute to that we ourselves need to evolve. We have the power to positively transform our world. So we ask ourselves: why not?



We enable holistic growth by embracing diversity. Our differences generate our power.

Exploring the unknown

We create time, space and freedom to explore the unknown as a direction.


We build our interactions on inclusiveness and reciprocity. We really see you.

Human centred

We value people above systems. By building on relationships we rid our world of rigid structures.


We create our realities through social interaction. Our words create our worlds.

Be a curious designer…
the one that designs our lives.
For all our sakes.
Doing things better, by whatever means.
Quick and dirty, persuasive and flirty.
Be curious/WHYNOT

Be a courageous gamechanger…
The one that dares to bet on the odds.
Being the performer that changes the way we see.
Stepping out and exploring the world.
Why be a follower if you can change the game?
Be courageous/WHYNOT

Be an adventurous artist..
The one that experiments with various media and techniques.
Who is inspired by exciting patterns in nature and cityscapes.
Daring to pursue one’s own path, off the beaten track.
Painting our unknown journey.
Be adventurous/WHYNOT

Be an imaginative warrior…
The one that brings a creative mindset to the battlefield.
Who tries to rid the world of too much structure. 
That breaks hierarchy.
Bringing power back to the people.
By meaning and transformation.
Be imaginative/WHYNOT

Be a funky rebel…
The one hat does things most of us are scared to do.
Scream and shout, so others will do that too.
Gently push boundaries further and further.
To make tomorrow an even more outrageous day.
Be funky/WHYNOT