Blog 7 | Charlotte | Reflect

After my previous blog about the life cycle, I was invited to join the corona department of the GGD for a day, which gave me many new insights. That is why I wanted to write an extra blog where I want to reflect back on certain things that were said in blog 5A and where I have now created a new opinion up on.

Blog 7 | Charlotte | Reflect2020-08-27T17:28:46+02:00

Blog 2 | Emma | Studio Lauda

After writing my call to action, I started calling; literally. I reached out to several organizations and one of them stood out to me; Studio Lauda in Eindhoven. Studio Lauda is a design studio who claims to make brands more beautiful; from the inside and out. After meetings with Krijn Smits, one of the founders of Studio Lauda, it became clear to me that I needed to get involved in the 'inside' part. Let me tell you what this means, why I think I need to get involved and where I see opportunities. [...]

Blog 2 | Emma | Studio Lauda2020-08-27T17:13:11+02:00

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