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I focus on creating changes together with various groups of people. I believe co-creation can bring us incredible things, sharing (opposite) opinions and perspectives will break barriers and create new connections and meanings.

A final goodbye

This is the final blog of this graduation series and it will elaborate on my final expedition. You have read about my approach, lessons and project in the previous [...]

A final goodbye2022-11-20T12:54:01+02:00

Chasing Dreams

I have explained my interest in sustainability and how it has led to making an impact professionally. And that was the initial focus of my graduation project. In the [...]

Chasing Dreams2022-11-20T12:28:19+02:00

Call to action

There are various reasons why I have eventually chosen to focus on this particular graduation project I am currently involved with. Several interests have grown over time and have [...]

Call to action2022-11-20T12:21:33+02:00

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