There are various reasons why I have eventually chosen to focus on this particular graduation
project I am currently involved with. Several interests have grown over time and have led to me
taking action and becoming involved with related projects. I would like to explain where those
particular interests come from and how it has enriched my professional career.

I have been interested in the environmental crisis since my early teenage years. Not a surprise
when you know my parents. They have always taught me about recycling, reducing food waste,
pollution and litter. Still, my real curiosity for sustainability and the environment started in my
teenage years. Perhaps it has to do with growing up and being able to cast my vote in
governmental elections. From that age on, I was not only curious, but I was also determined to
influence the people in my network to do better. To elaborate, I have always been interested in
societal challenges and I could not wait to be old enough to have a tiny bit of influence in this. At
some point, donating to good causes such as WWF, Boomfeestdag (National Tree Day) and Green
Peace did not give me enough satisfaction anymore. I wanted to learn more about sustainability
so I started to watch documentaries, read books and learn about organisations that focus on
fighting the environmental crisis. I saw Greta Thunberg get furious about politicians not taking
the situation seriously and got terrified by articles stating we only have 12 years left to tackle this
enormous challenge. I got mad at my friends for still using tons of plastic bottles. But I also got
mad at myself for being lazy, not recycling each item in my fridge and wasting food.

How come I care so much about this societal challenge?
Firstly, I am intrigued by the earth and all of the different environments it offers us. I am in awe
of all the National Geographic documentaries but at the same time, it makes me sad. Realising
that some of these places are not the same anymore and some species might not even be
existing anymore. How can we have such a wonderful planet to live on but keep destroying it?
And why can’t we just fix it in a heartbeat? I have learned the challenge is too complex for a
simple solution.

That is why I started looking for a way to create a positive impact. I focused on companies and
organisations that are innovative, creative and make a difference. For instance, Happy Soaps.
Their soap bars can be used for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. As you might expect, no
plastic is used to create a soap bar. But did you know one soap bar is good for three plastic
shampoo bottles? The company has not only found a way to reduce a customer’s expenses, but
they have also given an opportunity to buy a product without it resulting in waste. Sadly, it was
not possible to collaborate for my graduation. However, this resulted in me searching for
sustainability-focused organisations nearby. Which brought me to LEF Green. A recruitment
agency that focuses on introducing people to sustainable and impactful companies and
organisations. They have the goal to become one of the biggest sustainable communities in The
Netherlands. I am thrilled to experience the collaboration and find out how I can make a positive
impact within and outside of the company.