Go with the flow, it is something that is being said often. But what does it mean? Why do I value
this quote and what does it lead to? It is not only a quote, but it is also an approach in both my
personal and professional life. It helps me accept changes and let go of control. In this blog, I will
explain why I have started using this approach and why it has been useful to me.

To start with a personal note, I have learned life is full of surprises the hard way. I was nineteen
years old when my mother suddenly passed away. My whole world was turned upside down. My
dreams were all of a sudden not the same anymore. This has taught me that your life can
change in a heartbeat. It means you can make all the plans that you want, but so much can
happen that will change them. It has taught me to seize the day, enjoy the little things and accept
not all plans work out as you planned them. I have noticed the last thing is not negative, as long
as you keep in mind that plans are meant to be changed. For me, going with the flow means
accepting what you cannot control, living without regrets, being kind to others and appreciating
the people around me and the way my life is turning out.

So, how does this come forward in my professional career?
One of the things I have learned from Social Innovation and The Performatory is that you can’t
control everything and you should be open towards change. Why? Because things change. The
goals and challenges of a project change, a company’s focus changes, industries change and
people change. The Performatory has done its best to prepare me for reacting to these changes
by showing examples and giving endlessly changing assignments. This education has taught me
to be flexible, find out why something has changed and react to it with new energy, instead of
only getting frustrated and demotivated. This sometimes happens, change can be difficult and
you can get overwhelmed by it, this is exactly why going with the flow can give me peace.
Accepting I cannot control everything and appreciate the process.

As mentioned, change can be hard, so what can I do to make this process less dreadful for
myself and others as well?
Maintaining a positive and appreciative mindset plays an enormous role in this approach. When I
share this positive mindset with others, it affects, motivates and inspires them. It is okay to be
disappointed at times, but turning the situation into something meaningful will have so much
more results. You could say: it is okay that it did not work out as we hoped it would because we
have learned from it. Or it has led us to another idea. Whenever a door closes, another one
opens. I have noticed this mindset helps me radiate and to stimulate others to do the same.
Furthermore, stay curious. Did something change? Good! Now you have the chance to
investigate the change and deep dive into it! See what possibilities it can bring and work from
there on.

Looking back at the past 5 years of my life, my mindset has changed a lot. I used to be scared of
change, now, I am a changemaker. I also used to be a control freak, now, I have let go and accept
what happens. Perhaps, this is why my approach should be called grow with the flow. Change
happens and you learn from it. In my professional career, I focus on guiding others in this
process. Inviting them to let go as well and see what happens. Moreover, to see how many
possibilities it can give. I want to invite them to grow with the flow.