Project Description


We are a creative agency that likes to develop crazy, cute, lovely, fanatical narratives that will turn into high concepts. Not in a ivory tower, but by co-creation with all the relevant stakeholders. Why? Because we believe they know best what they want. What is important to know, is the fact that we call our clients Heroes. We believe that it takes a lot of courage and big balls to work with us. We try to find boundaries (sometimes cross them). We hopen to create something new. We say what we think and we love creative freedom. And all that combined can be a little bit scary.


We use the methods of process-and experience design in our work. And Goedzooi is driven by Imagineering.


We believe this world needs more love, because that’s the one ingredient God didn’t spill during the creation of this beautiful thing called earth. And with our filled with love narratives we try to make this world a better place.