Project Description

For Valentine’s day 2019, Goedzooi, BO Breda and two Performatory students decided to start a campaign around the city of Breda, related to body positivity. The project intended to make people aware that they are allowed to be happy with their bodies, because we are beautiful in every shape, size and color.

Lijf lief was a guerilla campaign through the whole city of Breda, where we captured 15 naked bodies, all with their own stories of people who accept and love themselves the way they are. On the posters, we mixed up different body parts, to express that our differences are beautiful, and that they enrich and unite us.

Body shaming is nothing new. However, since the rise of social media, it is much easier to shame people. Therefore, we decided to start a campaign that confronts people with this topic, and stimulates them to give it more thought. Performatory was involved because we are not afraid to change the rules, and because we want to transform how people think. We believe it is time for people to accept and love their bodies the way they are, rather than only tolerate their imperfections.


Mitch van Veldhoven – Goedzooi

Eline Kouwenberg – BO Breda

Esmee Boesveld – Goedzooi

Janne Volkers – Performatory

Sabien van Dijk – Performatory