Project Description


The Green Office is a community, where students and lecturers can come together to share their thoughts and ideas about the topic of sustainability. To work towards the Sustainability Development Goals, the Green Office community will be organising different activities, to take hands-on action or create awareness about the importance of the SDG’s.  


By taking a community-building approach we gathered stakeholders, related to this project, such as other Green Offices, students and staff members of the university, the SDG-Taskforce, the Community Project Committee and many more. Together with these stakeholders, we wanted to find out: How would this Green Office look like at BUas and what is needed to work towards the SDG’s? Through this, we were able to create this community at our university and hope that the Green Office can create a long-lasting change together with its members.  


Our world is going through big changes – with the ongoing climate crisis as well as other societal issues that need to be addressed. Buas students and staff members were in need of a platform in which they can address these topics and work together towards a brighter tomorrow. The Green Office @BUas will be this platform and will create change within the university as well as on a national scale, together with other Green Offices in the country. 


 Annalena Schmidt-Faber – Performatory  

 Isabella Forchini – Performatory