Project Description


Het Patronaat is a creative community space in Bergen op Zoom, that wants to support and connect creative entrepreneurs, talents and services. You can find an inspiring workplace here. It’s a brooding spot for creativity and collaboration. The opening is in September 2021 and Performatory is asked to think along in the development process of the community space.


They organize events, have a recording studio for podcasts and bands and offer a small community garden. For the opening, our students suggested looking for the stories of the neighbourhood and the creative entrepreneurs and owner Koen Oosterwaal was pleasantly surprised by that suggestion.

He said that we opened his eyes and showed him a different perspective.

If they want to become a creative community space, he of course needs to involve everyone in order to start the connection and co-creative process. Another suggestion of the students was to involve artists and to have them decorate the workspaces.


Patronaat wants to work on societal challenges.

It will open in September 2021 and after the opening, PF will pick up the next challenge, so to be continued!