Blog 7 | Linn | The project

If there is not enough ownership and urgency for participants to participate, developing a living system becomes hard. Participants together have to choose a structure, the foundation needs to be clear and sometimes transformation and doing a step back is necessary.

Blog 7 | Linn | The project2020-08-27T17:33:46+02:00

Contribute to the quality of life #2 | Juul | Thuis Wageningen

In our learning community, we learn and work with complex issues of the new economy, where win-win for all parties, the quality of life and the social contribution is just as important as financial profit. In this blog, you read more about the initiative of Elsje van de Weg, one of our alumni. Why does she contribute to the quality of life?

Contribute to the quality of life #2 | Juul | Thuis Wageningen2020-08-27T17:40:45+02:00

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